Miranda Adult Necklace (Coral/Turquoise)
Miranda Adult Necklace (Coral/Turquoise)
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Miranda Adult Necklace (Coral/Turquoise)

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Enjoy a touch of elegant simplicity with Jambu Beads Miranda Necklace. Made from BPA free, non-toxic food grade silicone, with a beautiful beech wood feature bead.

Babies love the combination of soft and hard textures that provide welcome relief from teething discomfort and stimulate their sensory exploration and motor development. The perfect texture for chomping on or simply fiddling with, these beads will help keep baby focused while feeding, and curious little hands and mouths busy while baby-wearing or just enjoying a nice cuddle with mum.

Lovingly designed and handmade in Singapore.

Product Information:
* 100% food grade silicone and natural, unfinished beech wood. Safety standards approved.
* Free from BPA, PVC, Phthalates, lead, cadmium and heavy metals.
* Anti-bacterial, odourless & tasteless.
* Necklace features a silk nylon cord and plastic breakaway safety clasp (clasp is not chewable).
* Clean before use and regularly as needed with warm, mild soapy water or simply wipe over with a baby wipe. Do not submerge wooden products as this can effect the quality of the wood.
* Necklace length: 75cm.

This necklace is not a toy and is designed to be worn by adults only. It is NOT to be worn by children under 3yo. Always use with adult supervision. The small parts and long cord may be a choking or strangulation hazard. Inspect the product for signs of wear before each use and discard any item that has been damaged.

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